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Who We Are

There’s a mission. There’s a design. There is superior quality material. There's a team. We are a gang of sock-driven Americans who care about what goes on their feet. Americans care about their feet, because we spend all day on them. 

What does it mean to be an American? Free thought. Free expression. Guts. We are direct, we are edgy, we are opinionated, and we disagree. We have that right. It is crucial, it is sacred, and our forebears fought and died for it. Americans are creative. Americans are powerful. Americans are loud. Americans are cool. 

Welcome to American Sock Gang.

We are a small, word-of-mouth company. We are direct to the customer. We ship directly, no middle man, no nonsense, no BS. YOU are our advertising. Our socks are designed in-house, and we pass on our manufacturing discount on to you. Therefore any manufacturing discount that would otherwise be contributed to an expensive advertising campaign is given to you. And if they don't meet your expectations, send them back for a full refund.

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Get to know the owner:

James Webster (click me)