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Better Materials. Better Design. Better Socks.

Quality matters. Quality lasts. It's simple: If you care about your feet, you should care about what socks you buy. American Sock Gang has engineered these socks to withstand the demands of an elite athlete. Not only that, but they are the most comfortable socks you'll ever buy.

So why buy them? Two reasons - One, they are superior socks, and two, there's no risk. Literally no risk. If you decide you don't want them, send them back for a full refund. But that's not going to happen, because you're going to love them.

Some things I want to touch on: This is a small, word-of-mouth company. We are direct to the customer. We ship directly, no middle man, no nonsense. These socks are designed in-house, and many things were taken into account such as blood flow, moisture wicking, comfort, fade-proofing, and style. Consider the graphic below. This is a highly specialized pair from our Cotton Bottom series:

Cotton Bottom 

Wearing is believing with these, because the entire bottom half is made of cotton. With our Cotton Bottom series, we have created one of the most comfortable socks in the sock apparel industry. Notice a bouncy, cushiony texture throughout just the part covering your foot, with snug ribbing above the ankles for improved circulation and breathable ventilation. Ideal for athletes.

  • Vibrant, fade-proof design above the ankles
  • Reinforced footbed for impact protection
  • Snug cotton bottom for added comfort
  • Ventilated for moisture-wicking
  • Enhanced Fiber Blend 

 Full Print Crew

Our other product collection is called "Full Print Crew," because the artwork is printed across the entire sock.

With our Full Print Crew socks, you'll notice a medium, even thickness throughout, thick ribbing above the ankles, breathable texture, and a snug fit. Also features:

  • Sublimated coloring that won't wash out

  • Comfortable yet ventilated moisture-wicking fibers

  • Antimicrobial footbed - prevents blisters and bacteria

  • Proprietary Polyester/Spandex/ Elastane knit-pattern

No, they will not fade. We recommend washing them cold, with like colors and hang drying for best results, but even if you dry them in the dryer, the colors will not fade. Our colors are vibrant, intense, and clean. After the high-intensity sublimation process is complete, they become part of the fabric of the sock. These socks are going to last you a very long time.